Sponsored App Review: Muffin Quest

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Match-3 games are getting more and more popular on all kinds of devices. An increasing variety of match-3 games make it even harder to distinguish worthy games with a unique story and fascinating gameplay. Muffin Quest by XIMAD differs from an average match-three puzzler. The main idea is to slide the rows and columns to connect and match delicious pastries to gain points and bonuses as you face challenging obstacles. The fact you should slide rows instead of separate pastries add a wonderful element of strategy to the mechanics of the game. The more pastries you match with each move, the more amazing combos you create and the faster you progress.

Before you can get started to match up pastries and rack up points, you’ll need to download Muffin Quest from the Play Store. Once you have it installed, you can move onto matching as many pastries as possible and attempt to defeat the evil gingerbread man.unnamed

Muffin Quest is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and get started even without instruction, although there are in-game tutorials and a help guide for anyone that should need it.unnamed (4)

On the other hand it’s not so simple that you’ll get bored too quickly. To facilitate the game different kinds of boosters have also been added in to help players.unnamed (3)

At the end of completed levels you rack up bonus points as well. Some levels are also special, where you’ll have to defeat the gingerbread man bosses collecting as many pastries as you can.unnamed (2)

Muffin Quest also features social interaction. Facebook integration displays friends’ high scores at all times, you can reach 3 stars on every level and beat your friends’ scores too. Moreover, the Facebook login helps to synchronize your progress among multiples platforms and devices.You could start playing on Amazon Kindle and continue on smartphone or even PC. Logged into Facebook you could gain x-coins, new game currency, playing other games by XIMAD.unnamed (1)

You could start playing on the Amazon Kindle Fire and continue on an Android smartphone or even PC. Logging into Facebook could also gain you x-coins, which is a new game currency, also used for when playing other games by XIMAD.

Match-3 puzzle games offer up a good bit of lighthearted fun with just the right amount of challenge to keep you wanting and coming back for more, and Muffin Quest delivers that type of experience for gamers, especially for those who love Match-3 game titles. The fact that it’s easy to learn but challenging to master made it simple to pick up, but due to the challenge the game never felt stale. You can grab Muffin Quest on the Play Store as well as the Amazon App store.


  • Speed (5/5) – Muffin Quest felt fluid during gameplay which makes the animations when matching up pastries that much more delightful.
  • Features (4/5) – There is plenty to do and enough elements in the game to keep you playing. The social and competitive interaction of trying to best your Facebook friends high score is a nice touch.
  • Theme (5/5) – The graphics are great, and the animations, as well as the cute character designs are fun and enjoyable.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Overall Muffin Quest is a wonderful Match-3 Puzzle title. The promise of frequent content updates should help players from feeling like the game is getting stale, and the awesome combos are delightful as well.


  • Challenging gameplay with cool combos and fun animations
  • Social interaction with facebook friends
  • Facebook login allowing gameplay on multiple devices or platforms through progress sync
  • Hand drawn art


  • Some people may not want to login with Facebook for the progress sync

If you like Match-3 puzzle games, Muffin Quest is one you should definitely add to your library. With 215 challenging levels to start you off and the promise of frequent content updates, there should be more than enough to keep you busy while you rack up points and try to obtain the biggest possible combos.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1