Sponsored App Review: Flipp


Flipp is a flyers application for Android that is dedicated to helping every shopper become the savvy shopper. It lets users have access to weekly store ads without having to grab the physical ads from the paper or from the stores themselves. It delivers everything to your phone so you have the ads available at a moments notice and feeds them to you in an easy to use interface. Everything stays organized and all in one place, eliminating any need to hold multiple ads and potentially lose the ones you need most.

Just like any other Android app, you'll want to grab Flipp from the Play Store to start saving yourself some money the easy way. You already have your smartphone so why not put it to work doing things you would normally do with the Sunday newspaper and organize your weekly ads for you.Screenshot_2015-03-15-12-06-59


Once the app is installed, it runs you through a nice little tutorial of how the app works and what it does for you, which is kind of refreshing to see as not all applications do this.


Flipp finds you locally so it knows just what ads and flyers are around you, making sure to give you an accurate selection of the stores that have weekly ads and savings. Flipp harbors a large list of stores and retailers totalling over 400 so there's a good chance you'll catch all the important ads.



You can use Flipp to create a nifty little shopping list, which not only helps you stay organized and check things off as you toss it in the kart, but when you enter items in the list Flipp will tell you whether or not there are any deals for that item this week, and list where they are. It also pre-selects popular items and makes it easier to add those in.



There's also a "favorites" feature, making it even easier to keep the stores you shop at most close at hand when they have weekly ad specials available. Instead of having to scroll through the selection of stores, just jump to favorites and check those retailers first.


Flipp tells you how many available flyers there are at the top of the screen, and it organizes things into three different categories which includes, Featured, Alphabetical, and Latest so you can search for ads and savings according to your preferences.



When you select a specific retailer to look through their weekly savings, Flipp makes looking for the biggest savings a snap by placing a little discount slider bar at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to narrow down what you're looking for by the percentage amount of savings in that particular store.



You can also search for specific items with the search bar up top, share savings and offers with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email, and you can look at detailed specifications of items you're looking to buy individually, with the added possibility to buy those items online if available.


Flipp also gives you an easy way to price match items to make sure you're getting the best deal, by clipping specific items from flyers. This also makes those savings much simpler to get to as there is a specific page meant just for singled out clippings, it's like your own personal coupon container without having to physically clip things out.



After some personal use, especially on a Sunday when all the weekly ads come out and we just happened to be going shopping for groceries and other essentials, Flipp proved to be quite the useful tool. Normally we would pick up the Sunday paper and sift through the ads and go shopping later at night, but Flipp allowed us to bypass this step and go straight out to get the shopping done, which ultimately saved us time. The shopping list also proved to be extremely useful. Without having to pick up physical paper ads and just pick through them using the Flipp app, there was also no need to write out an actual shopping list. We were able to do it all through Flipp, which was easy.


  • Speed (5/5) – Using Flipp was a quick and painless experience. Ads and flyers loaded fast and there seemed to be no lag for me when switching through different pages.
  • Theme (4/5) – The user interface was nice and clean, if only a bit outdated with the lack of a material design theme, but otherwise the colors used made the app pleasing to look at and the design and placement of things felt considered.
  • Features ( 5/5) – Flipp actually offered up quite a lot for being an application focused on weekly ads. The favorites list and shopping list features were great and it was helpful to have the app tell you which items in your shopping list were on sale at which places.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Flipp is honestly an application that really everybody should give a shot. There's nothing not to like about it, and it makes weekly grocery trips a breeze.


  • Shopping list tells you which items are on sale when you add them and tells you where the savings are.
  • Ads were well organized and easy to search.
  • Favorites made going back to the most shopped at stores simple and fast to find specific deals.
  • Being able to see which ads came out most recently


  • The ability to add items to your shopping list using a barcode scanner while finding last minute items at the store would be a great feature to have in the event that you forget to add something prior to shopping.

Flipp was a huge help in planning the weekly shopping trip and made the entire process a lot easier. It also saved time and felt a lot more intuitive than physical ads and pen and paper to write out the shopping list. For anyone that routinely grabs ads from the newspaper each week or picks them up at the store, Flipp can help streamline everything and is a useful tool to have installed.