Sony's Playstation Mobile is Closing, Taking All the Games with It This Fall


Sony's mobile division has been having a bit of a hard time lately.  In its most recent earnings call Sony had good news about all its divisions except for mobile, which was losing money hand over fist at a completely unsustainable rate.  Due to this we've seen a number of changes in the world of Sony's mobile division including thousands of employees being laid off and other ways to restructure.  As a result we're likely going to see a shift in the way Sony releases its products in the future, including hardware and software for the mobile division.

The next program getting the axe is Sony's failed Playstation Mobile program, which was originally designed to be the go to place for mobile gaming.  Launched back in the days of Android 2.3 Gingerbread alongside the Playstation branded Xperia PLAY, Playstation Mobile was designed to be a place indie developers could go to for great exposure of their latest games.  As a Playstation branded platform there were of course plenty of classic games on the platform too, playable on any phone or device that was Playstation certified.  Unfortunately the program was really only supported up until the Xperia Z2, and even then it didn't receive much advertising or fanfare in the way of customer support.


Last August we saw Sony kill off the Playstation Mobile App, and now Sony is officially announcing the end of this service for all platforms including the Playstation Vita.  The announcement covers existing games on the service as well as new games coming up.  There will be no new content posted after July 15th, and customers will have to get all the gameplay they can get out of titles owned until September 10th.  Once September 10th hits the service will be completely shut down and no one will be able to access or play any games purchased through the service.  Unfortunately for those that have spent any money on the service this is the way of the digital world now, and one that's worrying for anyone willing to plunk down a good chunk of change for such products.  Check out Sony's Playstation Community link below for all the info and for support forums in case you've got any addition questions for Sony.

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