Sony Xperia FR Tweets Teaser Image Of Possible New Smartphone

March 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Leading up to tomorrow’s solar eclipse that will be viewable by only a portion of the globe, Sony Xperia FR has teased an image that could be a possible new smartphone on their Twitter account that seems to line up with the theme of the eclipse. The official translation(provided by bing on Twitter’s built-in translation tool)states “A solar eclipse will take place tomorrow morning. We are already ready… and you?” That message accompanies an image that shows merely the silhouette of a smartphone, unfortunately though the image gives no defining marks so there is no telling what the phone could be.

Speculations are already revolving around the possibility that Sony could be gearing up to announce the new Sony Cosmos phone that has been rumored this week, which was leaked online just a few days ago by @upleaks. The Cosmos(if it turns out to be an actual product)is said to be a device marketed towards those who have a passion for the ever popular selfie shot, which suggests that it would include a high-quality front-facing camera capable of taking better resolution photos from the front camera, similar to the what HTC has introduced with the Desire Eye last year.

If Sony is teasing the Xperia Cosmos device and the announcement happens tomorrow, since this tweet is coming from Xperia France, it’s possible that Sony could show off this new unknown device around the time that the total solar eclipse will be viewable at its max point in France, which should be around 10:30am March 20th or around 2:30 am pacific standard time here in the states. The previous leaked image of the alleged Xperia Cosmos shows the device running on Android Lollipop, and it also displays a slightly larger than normal FFC paired with an LED flash to the right of it. Other than the teaser Sony posted earlier, there are few hints to go off of and anything we can come up with is merely speculation. Taking this into account, if Sony has a phone reveal planned for tomorrow morning, we’ll be learning about it officially soon enough.

Sony Xperia FR