Sony Reported To Be Removing Walkman Branding From Sony Mobile Devices Going Forward

AH Walkman 1

There are some things which are simply iconic. The Walkman is one of them. Although, the device in its original form no longer exists, the name Walkman was so symbolic of personal music, that back in the day, many people associated any type of portable music device with the name Walkman. Or more appropriately, the Walkman brand. This was one of the clever marketing attempts by Sony and as such, in spite of the device becoming made redundant, the branding lived on. In fact, Sony did at CES back in January, announce they were bringing back the Walkman in a new digital version. Although, the biggest headline with the new revamped edition was that it would cost close to $1,200.

Either way, the Walkman branding has been a significant part of the Sony audio lifespan. In fact, on all Sony mobile products today, you still find Walkman as the name of the native in-built music player. In the shortest terms, the term Walkman, for Sony, means music. That said, it does seem the time are a changing as the latest Sony devices being showcased at MWC (namely the Xperia Z4 Tablet and the Xperia M4 Aqua) no longer come with the Walkman branding in toe. Instead, the Walkman wording, icon and entity as a whole has been replaced and with a simpler default music app dubbed ‘Music’.

What’s more, it that it seems this could be the case for all Sony devices going forward and maybe even those being upgraded in terms of firmware. Its is being reported (source link below) that MWC floor staff are confirming that updated Lollipop firmware will see the Walkman icon replaced with the Music ones on all future devices. So it seems, the Walkman branding is certainly been lifted from the mobile side of Sony completely. At the moment, it is not clear as to why Sony are making this decision or what it might mean for the likes of the reenvisioned $1200 Sony Walkman. Are you a Sony device owner? Will you miss the iconic Walkman icons and branding? Let us know.