Sony Makes Their Album App Available On The Play Store With New Updated Version Ready To Download


There was once a time when to get the latest version of a specific manufacturer app, you had to wait for the manufacturer to roll out an OTA update. Now, to a lot of people, these manufacturer apps will just be bloatware that you might not have wanted or asked for. However, some manufacturer's offerings are not bad and have actually become popular badge of honor apps for their users to have. Well, the time is changing when it comes to manufacturer apps and it seems the latest trend is for manufacturers to upload their apps to the Play Store.

Of course, this does make sense from everyone's point of view. For the consumer, it means they do not have to wait so long to get an update rolled out for the latest new version of their stock music player. For the manufacturer, this also means they do not have to worry about rolling out the OTA update until they need to. Not to mention, they can update apps in a much more individual way instead of one massive update. HTC have certainly been one to adopt the use of Play Store for their stock apps and have been routinely uploading them. In fact, it was only reported a couple of days ago that HTC had made available three more apps on the Play Store.


Well, following the trend, Sony have today uploaded one of their apps to the Play Store, offering users the ability to self-update when they want to. The app in question is the Album app which appears on most Sony Xperia devices and is essentially the stock Gallery app. As such, if you have not seen the update land on your device as of yet, then you can now push the update from the new updated app. This version is listed as 7.0.A.0.26 which seems to only be a small update from the previous version listed as 7.0.A.0.24. As such, there is nothing too monumental to note in terms of features with the update simply listing the now typical bug fixes and performance improvements. Either way though, if you want the latest version of the Album app then click the source link below.

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