Samsung Reveals the Thought Process behind "People Edge" On the Galaxy S6 Edge


Last week in Barcelona, Samsung took the wraps off of two new smartphones. That'd be the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 was about what we had expected from Samsung. A new design on the hardware side, along with top-0f-the-line specs inside. Then there was the Galaxy S6 Edge. Not really a surprise to us. But it's an amazing looking smartphone. Samsung tried the "edge" thing with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge last fall, where they gave us just one curved edge. This time Samsung went with two curved edges on either side of the phone. But the story here is the software on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

You can't just curve the display and not give users any new features or optimize the software. Samsung did include some new features with the Galaxy S6 Edge. One of the cooler features is the People Edge. Using the People Edge, users can see who's calling them without turning over the phone, if it is face down on the table. People Edge allows you to add up to 5 people and add a specific color to each person. So the phone will light up a different color for each of these people. Which makes it easier to see who's calling you and whether you need to take it or not.


Samsung's research has found that checking your phone during conversations is rude, or at least people think it's rude. And this way you can check your phone to see who's calling without being totally rude. Although they might say "Cool, why is your phone lighting up like that?" or something similar. Samsung's European Head of Innovation, Lysa Clavenna said: "Our research demonstrated that more than three quarters of consumers think it is inappropriate to be constantly checking mobile phones during conversations with friends and loved ones."

You can read the full details from Samsung's blog, Samsung Tomorrow. It's linked down below in the sources. People Edge is one of my favorite features of the new Galaxy S6 Edge, but also the way it looks and feels when you are using slide-out drawers on the Galaxy S6 Edge, is pretty awesome too.

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