Samsung Reported To Have Sold Less Smartphones Than Apple In Q4 2014


It is no secret that Samsung did not have the best of years in 2014. Reports emerged consistently throughout the year stating that this had been the worst, month, quarter, biyearly and even annually sales for the South Korean tech giant. Well, the reports are continuing his trend this morning, with the latest coming in from Gartner showing that Samsung lost out to Apple in Q4 of 2014 in terms of shipments. For background, Samsung have been the dominant worldwide smartphone manufacturer since all the way back in 2011. That is, they always sell and ship more smartphones than any other singular manufacturer.

However, the latest report by Gartner (source link below) shows that Q4 was the first quarter since 2011 that they were not number one. Reports had already emerged noting that Apple did manage to sell a massive amount of their latest offering the iPhone 6 in Q4 of last year and it seems it was this surge in sales which finally pushed Apple past Samsung in the smartphone rankings. In terms of the details, the latest report shows that Apple sold just shy of the 75 million (74.8) units marker. In contrast, Samsung saw sales of just over 73 million units for the same period. Resulting in Apple selling almost two million more devices.


These results show that Apple's market share jumped to 20.4% which is up from the previous 17.8% noted for the same quarter in 2013. Again, in contrast. the results meant that Samsung's market share for Q4 2014 dropped significantly down to 19.9%. This in comparison to the much higher 29.5% market share Samsung were reported to have had in Q3 in 2013. Ignoring the battle between the top two, Lenovo came in third with 24.3 million units for Q4 and the report does note that Lenovo's figures are representative of Lenovo and Motorola. Following on, Huawei secured fourth position with 21 million units and Xiaomi ranked in fifth with 18.5 million. Of course, it will be interesting to see what 2015 brings in these reports and especially after the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and their more premium look and feel. What do you think? How will the manufacturers do in 2015? Let us know.


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