Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Wireless Charger Rumored To Cost Near The $60 Marker


MWC was eventful this year with a number of interesting announcements coming in the way of mobile related products. That said the announcement that pretty much everyone was waiting for, happened at the start of the event. In fact, the day before the event. This was of course, Samsung, and the unveiling of their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and partner device, the Galaxy S6 Edge. In among all the high-end specs, features and hardware that was announced, one of the really interesting aspects was the confirmation that the Galaxy S6 devices will indeed come with wireless charging built-in. This had been rumored and speculated upon prior to the unveiling, and now announced, is a feature everyone seems excited about.

That said, wireless charging does not come cheap and Samsung does like to sell accessories. With those two elements in mind, it does not come as much of a surprise that Samsung are releasing an official charging station to come with the device. Details on this have been generally limited with no clear indication of when they will be released or how much they will cost. As this is a charging station, it is presumed that it will be available on April 10th when the device also launches in a number of countries. However, the price has remained largely a mystery.


Well, it does seem there is some indication now as to what the price is likely to be near. Canadian carrier Fido sent out a tweet a couple of days ago stating they will give away the wireless charger with the device for those who buy the device from them. More interestingly, the tweet also stated that the charger has a Canadian retail value of $59.99. Since the tweet was sent, it has again been retracted although the image was thankfully taken before it went down. Although, this probably will not directly correlate with how much the charger will cost in the U.S., it does at least provide an indication of the ballpark figure. Are you happy with a price around $59.99? Expecting it to cost more? Less? Let us know.

S6 charger

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