AH Tech Talk: Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Will Be Expensive Devices But That Could Work In Samsung's Favor


It is no secret that 'price' has become a selling point in recent times and in terms of smartphones. With the likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus and even Motorola trying to offer a decent level of specs tucked within a decent looking smartphone and all under a decent price barrier. These companies have set the bar for prices and highlighted that a mid-range priced device does not have to mean a mid-range specs. With a momentum swing like this occurring, one may ask why would Samsung launch their latest flagship device with what is effectively one of (if not the most) expensive smartphone price on the market. Well, in short, having the highest price tag can also be a selling point and set a bar of its own.

Samsung did not have the best year in 2014 with consistent reports emerging regarding falling sales, profits and general consumer belief. This was coupled with what seemed to be an almost over-saturated Samsung market with the company releasing one-too-many smartphones over the year and all priced respectively to market its various specs, features and quality. However, they have arguably not had a smartphone on their hands like the Samsung Galaxy S6 for some time. This particular phone, since its unveiling, had sparked interest and oozes premium. From its top of the range internal specs to its outer front and rear Gorilla Glass casing. With that, a higher price tag should be expected. What's more, the price tag puts the Galaxy S6 on a direct par with Apple's iPhone.


If Samsung wants to take on Apple properly, then how could they do so by simply bringing out a premium phone with a cheaper price tag? In some ways that would be arguing the case that Apple has won the fight. By releasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a massive price tag, Samsung are not only making it clear that this is a rival phone to the iPhone 6 but actually making the claim that 'you should buy this one instead'. Of course, a claim like that can only be made by a device which is a better device. Therefore, it could be argued that Samsung coming in with a high-ball price does indeed make that claim.

It should be noted that as of yet, the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S6 has yet to be fully revealed. However, it was expected from launch that this will be one of the most expensive phones on the market. Not to mention, recent leaked information has noted the expected price for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in Europe to be starting (on the cheap end) from roughly €600 and rising up to close to a €1000. Not to mention, recent reports highlight Canadian pre-order prices to be of a similarly high price. With those kinds of figures, it is unlikely the device will come in much cheaper in the U.S., with a near (or above) price of $1000 for the higher end models almost a certainty. However, regardless of how high the price for the device goes, it might be that high pricing for the Galaxy S6 is one of the smarter moves Samsung does make.

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