Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Pricing Leaks For 12 European Countries


Samsung has showcased their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona recently. These two devices are the company's newest flagships, and this Korean smartphone manufacturer took a somewhat different approach this time around. Both of these devices sport a unibody metal build, unlike previous Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S6 sports the usual smartphone design, while the Galaxy S6 Edge is a bit different. The screen is curved on both sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which makes it look rather unique.

You wonder how much will these devices cost in your country? Well, SammyHub has revealed the alleged prices of these two handset in 12 countries: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Let's start with Austria, both of these device will be available starting mid-April, the 32GB variant of the Galaxy S6 will cost 699 euros, while the 32GB model of the Galaxy S6 Edge will set you back 849 euros. Moving on to Denmark, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will cost 5,499 DKK and 6,499 DKK respectively.


As far as Estonia goes, you'll be able to get the 32GB variant of the Galaxy S6 for 699, while the 128GB model of the S6 Edge will cost 1,049 euros. The source has provided prices for all Finnish variants of these two devices. Galaxy S6: 32GB – 699 euros, 64GB – 829 euros and 128GB – 949 euros. Galaxy S6 Edge: 32GB – 849 euros, 64GB – 999 euros and 128GB – 1,o49 euros. The Kazakhstan pricing isn't available at this point, but pre-orders will begin from March 22 according to the source. The Latvian and Lithuanian variant of the 32GB Galaxy S6 will cost 699 euros, and the 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge will set you back 1,049 euros should you choose to purchase it.

The 32GB model of the Galaxy S6 in Norway will cost 6,590 NOK, and the Galaxy S6 Edge with the same amount of storage will go for 7,990 NOK. These two devices will start selling in Slovakia starting from April 17 and here's the full pricing, Galaxy S6: 32GB – 699 euros, 64GB – 799 euros and 128GB – 899 euros. Galaxy S6 Edge: 32GB – 849 euros, 64GB – 949 euros and 128GB – 1049 euros. Spanish prices will be identical to the Slovakian ones. Sweden will start selling these devices on April 10th, and the pricing will start from 6,990 SEK.

Here's the full pricing in Switzerland, Galaxy S6: 32GB – 699 CHF, 64GB – 799 CHF and 128GB – 899 CHF. Galaxy S6 Edge: 32GB – 849 CHF, 64GB – 949 CHF and 128GB – 1,049 CHF. That's it, keep in mind that these are not officially confirmed prices though, so take this information with a pinch of salt, even though the information seems quite credible.

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