Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gets Put Through The 'Throw On The Floor' Endurance Test In New Video


With new devices comes a number of new videos. Some are official offerings from the manufacturers used to promote the devices and show you how good they are. While others are from news agencies and the general public, offering a more personal and hands-on approach. Then there are the 'other' category of videos which typically consist of people putting devices through their paces to see how they really stack up. Claim your device is waterproof? Shockproof? Run over by a car proof? Someone, somewhere will be testing out those claims.

A few days back, the latest offering from LG, the LG G Flex 2 was the latest to be put through its paces in a trio of torture videos which saw the device taking the drop and dunk (water) test, along with a test of durability by being run over by a pickup truck and finally taking a bullet from a 50 caliber rifle. Then, this morning came a video showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge being dunked in water for over twenty minutes to see how waterproof the device is. This is, in spite of Samsung stating that it is not waterproof.


Well, it looks like the Glassy S6 Edge is being put through the paces again in what seems to be an impact and durability test. To be clear, there is not much of a scientific approach being offered here and instead the video maker is simply slamming the Galaxy S6 Edge into the ground and then checking to see if it still works. So not the most official of endurance tests but certainly one which is effectively in showing what type of drop a Galaxy S6 Edge can maintain and still function correctly. If you are thinking about picking up the Galaxy S6 Edge then this will at least provide you with some information on the durability of the device. If you are not thinking about picking up one, then you still might want to check out how the Galaxy S6 Edge handles the impact. Either way, you can check out the video for yourself and see how the Galaxy S6 Edge holds up by hitting the play button below.

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