Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Surfaces in Samsung Website User Agent Profile


Sometimes the coolest things to see can be hidden in plain view.  While plain view may not accurately describe the user agent profile of a website or its corresponding XML code, that's exactly where Samsung's latest rumored device is hiding.  Like a cat waiting to pounce on its next unsuspecting victim, Samsung's Galaxy S6 Active may very well be waiting for the right moment to spring itself onto the world.  Until then we're left with rumors and hints at its existence, thus today's rumor that there will actually be a water and dust proof version of Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S6.

At the current time the Galaxy S6 comes in two flavors, the vanilla version with a standard flat Quad-HD 5.1-inch screen, and the Galaxy S6 edge with its curved screen that wraps around both front edges of the phone.  With the Galaxy S5 Samsung did something truly huge with the device that it's not doing with the regular Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 edge though; it came in a water and dust proof package.  This wasn't a new thing by any means for a smartphone or for Samsung, but it was certainly the biggest device launch ever sporting such a design.  This time around though Samsung isn't building a water or dust proof body onto the Galaxy S6, even though it includes a non-removable back, non-replaceable battery and no microSD card support.


While this is incredibly disappointing to many Samsung loyalists who have often touted these features as some of the biggest selling points of Samsung's Galaxy S series, it looks like Samsung may very well yet launch a version with the same water and dust proof features as the Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S5 Active before it have had.  Found on the Samsung Mobile website this user agent profile string is looking for a phone with the model of SM-G890A, which denotes the G890 model number of the Galaxy S6 but with the A for Active moniker at the end.  This falls in like with what we've seen with previous Active models of the Galaxy S, and the specs listed on the page fit right in line with the regular Galaxy S6 too.  We're looking at a Quad-HD screen with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution which is exactly what the Galaxy S6 boasts.  Whether or not this comes true is a matter of time but it's likely that Samsung wants to hit all the right notes with its latest Galaxy S device.

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