Samsung Galaxy S5 Alleged To Have Suffered From An Electrical Fire

March 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Every so often, a story pops up about a certain device catching fire or exploding while being used or simply while sitting there. Most of the time, these act as scare stories as in reality, the number of reports like this are very limited. Not to mention, they happen with all the major manufacturers. Back in August last year, there was a report of a OnePlus One exploding in a user’s pocket, while in December it was an LG G3’s turn to hit the headlines. More recently, in January of this year, OnePlus One’s made the headlines again when one apparently melted its charge port while left on Charge.

Samsung is no different in this respect. Back in September, it was reported that one of their tablets caught fire when being used by a child. So, these reports are not specific to a carrier or manufacturer and are the rarity as opposed to a common occurrence. And it now looks like the latest story is coming in and this one involves a Samsung Galaxy S5. The report comes in from a reddit user (source link below) who notes that his Galaxy S5 seemed to suffer from an electrical fire and began smoking. The back story goes like this. The user is at work and decides to head to the shops. On a short trip, he decides to leave the device at work on the desk (not on charge). Upon returning the room “smelled of electrical fire” and the device was smoking.

Unfortunately, the user decided to counteract the smoking by pouring a glass of water over the phone which presumably did not help in the case of an electrical fire. Either way, the images below will give you some insight into what happened to the device. The user also notes that the device is still not fully paid off with $400 still remaining owed. With the launch of the Galaxy S6 only this week, this will not be the best of headlines for the South Korean tech giant. Although, as mentioned, this is a  very rare occurring event. Do you own a Galaxy S5? Encountered any similar problems? Let us know.