Samsung Execs Discuss the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Battles Ahead with Apple and China

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge MWC AH 23

Sunday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) was a huge day for Samsung as they launched their new flagship(s) the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.  The entire techie world – not to mention investors and analysts – were watching to see the device that will define Samsung for the next year…or at the very least until fall, when the Galaxy Note 5 and Edge 2 are released.

It is no secret that last year's Galaxy S5 did not set the world on fire – it was a great, solid device – but sales were nothing like Samsung had hoped.  Between China's new smartphones squeezing at one end and Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus squeezing the other, Samsung really need to wow the smartphone world with their next device.  If reaction from the MWC is any indicator, they did just that.  Samsung's co-CEO and head of their mobile department, JK Shin, and Younghee Lee, Samsung head of mobile marketing, sat down with Korean journalists at MWC to answer their questions.

One topic of discussion was the Galaxy Note Edge versus the Galaxy S6 Edge and that while both devices use the curved display – only the right side on the Note Edge and both sides on the S6 Edge – there seems to be more a more pronounced 'edge' and more functionality in the larger Galaxy Note Edge.  They explained that the 'edge' is still in its early stages and once they open up their SDK and API, developers will be able to add more functionality on that 'edge.'  They believe they optimized the features from the Note Edge, studied the pros and cons from the consumers and then brought them to the S6 Edge, as well as adding some intuitive features of its own, not found on the Note Edge.


When asked about the Chinese market copying Samsung's designs and Xiaomi surpassing them in China, Shin said that they will continue to strive to find "futuristic materials and designs" to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  He said that while some manufacturers merely copy others, Samsung tries to use construction methods that are more difficult to copy and that Samsung's quality is the best in the industry.

The questions turned to Apple and that some are pointing out that the new Galaxy S6 is similar to the iPhone 6.  On this matter, Younghee Lee asked the journalists, "After seeing the real thing, do you really think the S6 looks like iPhone 6?"  He made the point that is an automatic reaction and when you really hold one and use the device, you can see and feel the differences.  Asked about their direct attack on Apple at their presentation, he said, "We've wanted to send a short and crisp but strong message.  We chose [calling out Apple] for the strongest impact in the shortest time frame. Comparing the power of cameras and durability with a rival gets our point across easier."

When asked about Samsung's difficulties in China, Shin said that they are launching their new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in China and that they expect to see an increase in the high-end market segment…where Apple has done surprisingly well.  The gloves are off and Samsung is taking its best shot at its archrival, Apple.  It will be exciting and interesting times come April and Samsung is looking for a knock-out.

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