Samsung Announces Milk Music for the Web

03 MilkMusic WEB

Samsung’s Milk Music is now a year old, let’s take a moment and say happy birthday! With Milk Music’s Birthday, Samsung has decided bring the service to the web. So today there is a new web player available for Samsung’s Milk Music, that you can start using today.

The web player is located at milk.samsung.com. Obviously you’ll need to login with your Samsung account to access it. It appears that those that do not own a Samsung device will be able to use the web player as well. So it’s not limited to just Samsung owners. Which it’s nice that it’s not exclusive, but then again, how would Samsung figure out if you’re a Samsung owner from the website? So now when you’re sitting at home, at your desk working. You can use Samsung’s Milk Music to listen to music instead of the many other choices out there.

In the infographic below, provided by Samsung, we can see some of the more popular artists on Milk. That includes Drake, Eminem, Beyonce, Lil Wayne and Iggy Azalea (who has quite just about all Social Media). Samsung also states that Hip Hop and R&B Fans spent 50% more time in the app compared to listeners of other genres. Which is a bit interesting, and makes you wonder why. The most popular genres are Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Country, and a few others. Not too surprising to see Hip Hop and R&B at the top of the charts. I think that’s a normal thing these days.

It’s great to see Samsung working more and more on the Milk service. It’s actually a bit hard to believe that it’s a year old now, seems like just yesterday Samsung launched it. How many of you love Samsung’s Milk Music? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Milk Music Infographic