Rumored UK Off-Contract Prices For The Samsung Galaxy S6 To Start From £600 And S6 Edge To Start From £700


There is little doubting that the latest flagship device from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of this year's most anticipated devices. That sounds strange to hear in March, but the anticipation behind the device is massive. There have already been suggestions that pre-orders have reached 20 million units and others suggestions stating the S6 and its partner device, the Galaxy S6 Edge are likely to sell somewhere in the region of 55 million devices before the end of the year. So there is little arguing with the hype surround the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Well, over the last couple of days more news has been emerging around the likely price of the device when it launches. This will be regional and carrier dependent. For instance, it was reported this morning that pre-orders had finally opened in the UK, with order now available through EE, 02, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse. Between those who have announced they will be carrying the device in the UK and are accepting pre-orders there were some details on what the monthly plan costs would be. For instance, on EE price plans will start from £43.50 a month while on O2 the price plans are expected to start closer to the £53 per month marker.


Well, the latest coming from the UK and in terms of pricing, comes from a Redditor who claims they were talking to a rep in a Samsung store in London's Oxford street and was apparently told the off contract prices. According to the details and in terms of the standard Samsung Galaxy S6, the 32GB version will come in at £599.99. Following on from this the 64GB version will cost £659.99 and the largest version, the 128GB variant will cost £739.99. In terms of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Redditor states they were informed the Edge version will be approximately £100 more per variant. Of course, at the moment none of these details have been verified, however, this is the latest indications that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge off-contract process will be certainly at the top end of the market in the UK.

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