Rumor: MediaTek Might Partner Up With AMD And Use Their GPUs In The Future

March 10, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

MediaTek is a Taiwanese company which manufactures mobile processor, though you already know that. This company is rather well-known these days and many smartphone OEMs deploy MediaTek’s chips in their handsets, even some non-Chinese ones. MediaTek is a real competitor out in the market today, and they’ve made a significant number of really solid mobile SoCs thus far. MediaTek is planning to release a number of new SoCs this year, as the leaked roadmap suggested, and we’re here to talk about the latest rumor that surfaced in Asia.

According to this rumor, MediaTek is planning to partner up with AMD and implement the company’s GPUs in their future processor offerings. MediaTek has improved their offerings a lot in a really short time, though there’s always room for progress, no matter which company we’re talking about. This Taiwan-based company certainly has a big appetite for success. If this rumor / report is true, MediaTek might be able to further improve the performance of their SoCs. AMD is a very well known company in the PC world, their GPUs have been around for a long time, and are highly popular and perform really well. It will be interesting to see whether AMD can make this a painless transition if the partner up with MediaTek, it would certainly be interesting to see what can these two companies come up with in the end and whether these GPUs will benefit this Taiwanese company.

MediaTek has been all over the news recently, not only did their roadmap leaked, but there was also some talk about a partnership with Samsung. MediaTek’s General Manager said that they’re trying to partner up with Samsung, presumably to provide chips for Samsung’s devices in certain markets. MediaTek is also planning a big push into the U.S. later this year according to a recent report. The company is expected to announce the 20nm 64-bit MT6796 SoC later this year, which will reportedly compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa-core processor. That being said, let us know if you’ve had some experience with MediaTek chips? Have you owned or do you own a MediaTek-powered smartphone?