Rumor: Google's Upcoming Wireless MVNO Service Could Be Called "Google LTE-A"

Not long after Google's head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of the Google MVNO service that many have been speculating on this past month or two, it would seem that a Twitter page for what may be the official account of Google's wireless services has popped up. At the moment there is nothing really suggesting this is a verified account, but if it turns out to be official it would appear that Google could be looking to name their upcoming wireless network "Google LTE-A." So far we have no idea when Google is planning to launch their new MVNO service, but Pichai did state yesterday during a talk at MWC 2015 that they are currently considering what to do on the hardware, software and connectivity fronts.

The Google LTE-A twitter account at this point in time has no tweets on it, and no "verified" badge that usually denotes this is an official Google account. It does mention however that "with Google Fiber, Google LTE-A will be a next generation cellular network," brought to us by Google. Although this is vague, and doesn't really explain much, it's possible that Google could be looking to some how incorporate Google Fiber and the potential "Google LTE-A" wireless services. How is still uncertain as again, nothing is confirmed here. It does raise some good questions though, like is Google planning to launch the service where Fiber is already currently up and running? A question that has already been asked before since rumors of the Google cell network began.

It also opens up questions on whether or not Google has plans to tie the two services together in some way, and when exactly would Google be set to launch this upcoming service? That last question may already have an answered, as Pichai also mentioned yesterday that we may begin to see some of the results of what Google has been working on in regards to their MVNO service in the next few months. That points to right around the summer time, just after Google I/O, so we could potentially here more in depth details about it at the upcoming developers conference. He also mentioned that they have no intentions of being a wireless carrier that is at the same scale as existing carriers, but that they are already working with partners for the service, however Picahai did not make any specification as to who those partners might be. Of course, the rumors have been floating around that T-Mobile and Sprint are to be the carriers Google will work with, and that Google's service would essentially allow users to jump back and forth between WiFi coverage, and Sprint/T-Mobile cell networks when available. All of this is very interesting, but at the moment keep in mind these are just speculations based on what we've heard so far and the existence of this currently rather mysterious Google LTE-A twitter account.

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