Report Suggests Samsung Will Rank As Top Smartphone Vendor For 2015 With 330 Million Units Shipped

Samsung Logo AH17

Throughout 2014, reports consistently emerged suggesting Samsung were predicted to see a fall in their sales, profits and overall number of units shipped in the smartphone sector. These initial reports and predictions seemed to be somewhat confirmed, when the company released their end of year report highlighting a smartphone sales decline from the year before. This immediately sent concerns throughout the industry that Samsung may have reached their apex and were maybe now on the slow decline down.

Enter, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The two variants of the Samsung Galaxy flagship device were unveiled at MWC at the start of March and to what seems to be a very warm welcome. Since the launch, Samsung has been praised for their efforts in redesign and evolution of the device, especially compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S5. So much so, that the early indications are looking very good for the Galaxy S6 sales and for Samsung’s 2015. Reports have emerged, suggesting that as many as 20 million pre-orders have been made for the Galaxy S6 (15 million for the Galaxy S6 and five million for the Galaxy S6 Edge). Not to mention, reports have also suggested that Samsung will sell upwards of 55 million units of the Galaxy S6 (includes sales of Galaxy S6 Edge) by the end of the year.

Following on from this, a new report is already predicting that Samsung will be ranked as the top smartphone vendor in 2015. Digitimes (source link below) state their research arm, Digitimes Research (who bases their analysis on shipment data and market trends), suggests that Samsung are likely to ship over 330 million devices in 2015. This will be apparently 100 million more than they expect second place, Apple, to ship in the same timeframe (230 million). Thanks to their acquisition of Motorola, Lenovo are expected to come in third with 85 million units for the year. While fourth place will be occupied by LG and 67 million units shipped, who will be closely followed by Huawei with 65 million units. The rest of the top 10 smartphone vendors for 2015 will be occupied by Xiaomi, Microsoft, TCL Communication Technology, Coolpad and Oppo.