Redditor Posts Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 'Ask Me Anything' Thread After Claimed Extensive Use


There can be little arguing with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have caught the public's imagination. Since the two devices launched, interest in them both has been at a permanent high. Well, if you are based in London and wanted to get hands on with the device then you will have liked the news today that both devices are being reported to be on offer for hands-on in Samsung Experience Stores (SES) in the UK starting from Saturday. For the rest of us though, hands-on seems a long way off.

However, one reddit user has been posting today stating that they have an S6 Edge already and providing feedback in an AMA (ask me anything) posting. Of course, it cannot be verified, but that said, the details provided do suggest the possibility. Not to mention, the redditor did offer to show moderators proof if they requested. In terms of why they have the device, the claim is they work for a company who are working on a feature for the device and so they have a demo unit. It is also worth noting that they said the software is not final and the device is currently running Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop).


In terms of the device, the redditor notes that they are overall impressed with the S6 Edge. In terms of specifics, the editor notes that the battery life is as good as the Galaxy S5 but not as good as the Galaxy Note 4 with roughly 4 hours of screen time experienced. In terms of charging, the user notes the device charges "absurdly quick" with the device charging from empty to full in 74 minutes. Wireless charging had not been tested. The user also notes that the camera on the S6 is excellent and certainly better than the Note 4 and the S5. Likewise, the build quality does feel premium and again better than the Note 4 and the "Fisher Price S5". In fact, when asked to directly compare against the Note 4, the user reports the difference is "night and day". The user also comments on the newly added theme store, although when being questioned suggests there is currently a lack of usable or wanted themes available. In terms of the speakers, this is also noted as a big improvement on the S5 and "seemingly about twice as loud". Lastly, the user also notes that the UI and software is significantly better than on previous Samsung devices with the level of bloat (as reported) to be significantly less. While the general UI is "very snappy" and more so than both the Note 4 and the HTC One M8.

If you are interested in knowing more than you can read the whole reddit thread for yourself by clicking the source link below.

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