Popcorn Time Movie Streaming Application Is Now Officially In The Play Store

March 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Digitally available content has changed massively over the last five years, with numerous ways to stream movies and TV shows through services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the upcoming HBO Now that debuts in April. Another and perhaps less popular way is through an Android application called Popcorn Time, which lets users stream the latest movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime, whether on the go or sitting at home. Popcorn Time is not a brand new application, but it has only ever been available via Popcorn Time’s official site as well as other outside sources. The big news for anyone that has been interested in Popcorn Time in the past is that the app is now available officially in the Play Store for download.

For anyone that has never used Popcorn Time before, the experience is literally painless and offers up a surprisingly large library of content. The app allows you to stream stuff and “watch now” if you have the time, but for anyone not able to dive in immediately or for anyone who will be without a data connection when they’re ready to watch, Popcorn Time allows users to download content to their device storage for offline viewing, although some of the files will be considerably large depending on the film/TV show and the resolution quality.

In the past Popcorn Time had introduced a feature for Chromecast support allowing users to cast their streaming movies or TV shows to the big screen, however that was a beta access only feature and it doesn’t appear to be included in the Play Store release at this time. There is also no detail on whether or not it will be added anytime soon, but it’s a feature likely to make its way into the official version at some point. For the security conscious, the Play Store version of the app does seem to include the availability to stream through a VPN which is something that was introduced quite a while ago in their beta version of the app. Popcorn Time is free, so should it not be suitable for your needs you don’t lose out on anything, other than the small amount of time used to test it out.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1