Podo Is The Small And Wireless, Restickable, Smartphone Controlled Camera For Better Selfies

March 2, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Like it or not, the selfie will be forever immortalized as a “thing” in popular culture, and likely in 50 years when we’re all buzzing around our futuristic cities in automated hover cars on light rail highways, people will study culture from year’s past and see the selfie as a popular photo sharing type of the times. Unfortunately, the seflie stick will remain as a part of that experience. If you’re unfamiliar with the selfie stick, it’s basically a way for an individual to fasten or harness their smartphone or mobile device to a long stick to take a selfie that would otherwise not be possible to take, usually because you need to get a shot from a distance that is too far you for your arms to reach. It can also be used to get some interesting angles for selfies, hence why they are likely popular with many people who love taking photos of themselves.

If you’re not a fan of the selfie stick, you may want to look into a new device coming that is aiming to take some of the market share away from it, called the Podo. It’s a stick and shoot camera of rather small proportions, which allows users to stick it to virtually any flat surface, and then take pictures from far away using the smartphone controlled companion application. Podo’s wireless, restickable design allows for infinitely more possibilities than the selfie stick, and it’s much more portable.

The Podo is currently on Kickstarter right now with a goal of $50,000, and it has about 49 days to go with about $3,913 reached so far. Kickstarter backers will be able to pick up the Podo as an early bird unit for $79, although if consumers want to wait until the Podo hits retail they can pick up for $99 instead. The Podo looks to come in two different colors, Blue and Red, and the Podo is Bluetooth enabled so you can easily connect it to your smartphone. Consumers might also appreciate the Podo’s attention to detail with design. While the small and portable form factor will surely be a plus for anyone interested, it’s the flashlight ring around the camera lens, and the foldable hinge for different angled shots that would seem to make the Podo more useful. As for the specs, the Podo camera features an 8MP sensor and it will record 720P video which can be stored on the camera’s internal 4GB of memory. It might not be up to par with rear facing cameras on smartphones, but considering that most people use the front facing camera for normal selfies the Podo should do just fine. You can check out more details at the Kickstarter page, or visit the Podo website.(source)