AH Tech Talk: These Are Some Of The People In Google's Most Important Leadership Roles

Google is a company made of up of thousands of employees, and yet we as individuals who use their services and as consumers who buy their products, tend to only be familiar with a handful of the people associated with Google currently and in the past, generally the biggest names like Sundar Pichai, Vic Gundotra, Larry Page and others. Google has tons of other employees heading up projects however that you may have never heard of. People that have pretty important jobs and take on integral roles in the company.

If you've ever wondered who was responsible for manning the ships for Gmail and Calendar, that responsibility belongs to Alex Gawley. He's been running Gmail and Calendar since 2008, and more recently he was in charge of development for Inbox, Google's email app for helping users get things done. There's also Jamie Rosenberg, the VP of Digital Content. His role basically oversees the most major portions of the Play Store, including business partnerships, merchandising, product development and engineering. Hiroshi Lockheimer heads up the engineering for the Chrome OS and Android teams as the VP, with responsibilities involving basically anything engineering related for those two portions of Google services.

If you went to Google I/O last year and sat in on the keynote, you've probably seen Avni Shah, who takes on the role of VP of Product Management for Google Chrome. Chrome is a big service spanning across multiple platforms now, so it's no surprise Avni likely ends up managing a ton of different projects. Clay Bavor is also a VP of Product Management but instead of Google Chrome he oversees Google Apps. His tasks and product leadership includes Docs, Gmail, and Drive, but he also reportedly handles Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education, and leads the Google Cardboard project. Andrew Conrad handles basically anything within the Life Sciences division of Google X Labs as the Vice President, which includes heading up projects for things like the smart contact lenses and other medical projects.

Nearly everyone is familiar with Google Maps and the local search products that Google offers, and Jen Fitzpatrick is the woman at the forefront as VP of engineering and product management for Geo and Local. Perhaps one of Google's most used services is YouTube, and what makes YouTube so great are some of its content creators. Matt Glotzbach is the man responsible for getting as much great content onto YouTube as possible as the senior director of product for YouTube creators. Another big service for Google, is search ads, and the role of VP of product management for search ads belongs to Jerry Dischler. Those targeted ads you see on your screens for local related products and services, Jerry and his team are the ones who put it all together.

Google Search is basically where it all started, and VP of product management for search is the title belonging to Tamar Yehoshua. Making sure that Google Search works smoothly across devices is an important part of what Tamar and her team do, but they're also driving forward efforts on the Google Search mobile app. When it comes to Android products like Hangouts, Google Voice, Messenger, and reportedly the upcoming Google wireless carrier service, Nick Fox is leading the charge as Google's VP of Product Management for Android. Last but not least is Bradley Horowitz, which is a name that should still be fresh in everyone's minds as he recently took over as the VP of Photos and Streams for Google, what we currently know now as the Google + social network.

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