Pay What You Want for 7 Front-End Web Development Courses and Donate to Charity!

March 2, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson


Over on the Android Headlines store, we have yet another cool bundle for budding developers looking for a whole bunch of courses to help them get started. This time around, we’re focusing on a Front-End Web Design bundle with a value of just over $1,000. This is yet another Pay What You Want bundle, with 10% of what you pay going to Charity.

The courses included here give you an overview of how to build a website and the different technologies involved in getting such a project off the ground. To get all 7 you will need to pay at least $6.70 or so, at least at the time of writing, but considering the cheapest item is $47 here, you’re saving money either way, and you pay what you want above that small price to get everything you see listed. You can take a look at the Front-End Developer Bundle in the Android Headlines store below.

Pay What You Want for the Front-End Developer Bundle