Oppo's Bezel-Free Smartphone Leaks Again, This Time In A Video Clip

Oppos Bezel Free smartphone 1

We’re seeing more and more smartphones with extremely thin bezels. Smartphone manufacturers are trying to push the limits lately, and are doing their best to get rid of the bezel on their devices, at least on the sides of their devices. We’ve been seeing quite a few LeTV bezel-less smartphone leaks, ZTE’s Nubia Z9 has also leaked many times before, and yesterday Oppo’s mysterious handset showed its face in images as well. That’s not all, the company has also filed for a new patent in China which hints at the company working on a bezel-free smartphone(s). Speaking of Oppo, we have a new leak to share with you today, showing off that very same device in a video clip.

If you take a look at a YouTube video embedded below this article, you’ll see Oppo’s bezel-free smartphone. This handset basically has no bezel on its left and right side, which we’ve already seen yesterday, this video actually has the same background as yesterday’s images. This actually makes the device seem a bit tall and really narrow, though we still don’t know what size is this display. The person who filmed this video also played around with the device for a bit, and it seems like it runs really smooth, though that really doesn’t tell us much. Yesterday’s leak came in as a bit of a surprise, and then this video arrived only a day later. No matter which way you look at this, the handset in the video seems quite interesting. We still have no idea whether this will be a mid-range or a high-end device, or is this a final design of the handset. Either way, we expect some more information to surface in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Oppo is very well-known for its bold design choices, I believe you’ve all heard of / seen Oppo’s N1 and N3 devices with the huge rotating camera on the top. This is probably not the next Oppo flagship, unless the company decided to completely revamp the design of their flagship line. We could be looking at a mid-range or a high-end device here, quite probably a new sub-brand by Oppo. That’s just a guess though, we’ll hopefully get more info soon.