Oppo A11w Gets Certified In Indonesia, Could This Be Oppo’s Recently Leaked Bezel-Free Smartphone?

March 25, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Oppo is an experienced Chinese smartphone manufacturer, this brand is also very popular in China. Oppo usually puts a lot of effort into designing their smartphones, though they’re usually more expensive than the competition with similar specifications. It seems like Oppo is getting ready to release a bezel-free smartphone in the near future. We’ve seen leaked images of that mysterious Oppo device quite recently, and the video followed soon after. As you can see, this handset basically has no bezel on its left and right side, which makes it look kind of odd and unique. The device looks quite tall thanks to that even though we have no idea how big it really is, we’re hoping for some specification leaks in the near future. More and more smartphone OEMs are pushing such thin bezel smartphones, we’ve seen LeTVs handsets leak recently as well, same goes for ZTE’s Nubia Z9 offering.

Anyhow, new info surfaced regarding one of Oppo’s upcoming devices, presumably this bezel-free handset. Oppo A11w got certified in Indonesia, and this could be the bezel-less smartphone, even though we can’t confirm that at this point unfortunately. This Chinese smartphone OEM has also filed for a patent which suggests they’re about to release such a handset. The device that leaked in images and video doesn’t really resemble Oppo’s previous devices, so perhaps the company intends to release a completely new line of devices here. It is also still unknown whether this will be a mid-range or a high-end device.

It remains to be seen if Oppo intends to release this handset soon, or are we looking at a prototype device which will arrive later in the year. Either way, this device will have some stiff competition once it launches, LeTV will launch their X900 bezel-free smartphone soon, and ZTE’s Nubia Z9 will reportedly also sport such a design and launch tomorrow. Samsung’s recently-announced Galaxy S6 Edge handset is also worth mentioning here, the curved display on its left and right side is also kind of unique and will surely attract some people. Let’s see what these OEMs have to offer, stay tuned.

Oppo A11w certification