OpenTable's Latest Update Adds 'Pay With OpenTable' to the App


Booking a night at a restaurant can sometimes be a frustrating thing, especially if you're not 100 percent clear on what time and date you are planning on going.  If it's a busy place you may have to reserve your table well in advance, while sometimes it's just nice to quickly reserve a table before you head out so that you don't waste away in the lobby area waiting when you get there.  OpenTable's service has been around for a few years now and quickly and easily enables users of the service to easily book a table from the comfort of their phone.  You can look up restaurants in the area you're looking to eat at, sort them by price, type of food served and a few other factors, and of course book your table right from the app.

This service is fantastic because it lets you see exactly what times are available at a restaurant instead of just blindly calling and hoping the time you want will be there.  Google Maps even has OpenTable integration so you can quickly book your table via a quick link in Google Maps.  All of this leads to a very hassle free and easy evening, but what about when the time comes to pay for the actual food?  Paying with your phone has become all the rage over the past couple of years thanks to Google Wallet and a number of other players in the market aiming to get you to use their service over another company's, but it's pretty inconvenient to give your phone to your server and hope they don't drop it along the way.


Thankfully OpenTable is now letting you pay from your phone in a whole new way that doesn't put it at risk of getting lost, stolen or broken.  Customers who book their tables through OpenTable at participating restaurants can now view their check and cash out at any time.  All you need to do is add your credit or debit card to the OpenTable app and use the interface to browse your check and pay at any time.  OpenTable has coined the phrase "Life's too short to wait for the check," so wait no longer and check out OpenTable's newest feature in the app and get more details at the OpenTable website below.

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