OpenSignal: T-Mobile Offers the Fastest LTE Speeds in the US, Still Vastly Behind Other Countries

If a new smartphone is announced and it doesn't have 4G LTE capabilities, do you still have interest in it? Most likely no, right? And that's according to OpenSignal's latest report on "The State of LTE". OpenSignal gets all of these metrics through metadata in their OpenSignal app which you can use to take speed tests and such. OpenSignal's report came out today and showed us a few interesting tidbits. One of the more surprising is that T-Mobile's average 4G LTE speed is faster than everyone else in the US. T-Mobile is at 10mbps, with Verizon and AT&T behind them at 7mbps each, followed by Sprint at 4mbps and Cricket at 3mbps. It's important to remember that these are averages and you're not going to be getting these same speeds everywhere in the US.

Another interesting tidbit of info from this report is the time spent on an LTE signal. Verizon is sitting at 86%, AT&T at 78%, T-Mobile at 76% with Cricket at 70% and Sprint bringing up the end at 59%. Unsurprisingly, South Korea's carriers have the highest time on an LTE signal, at 93, 94 and 99 percent.

Looking at the world's LTE speeds, Vodafone in Spain is actually the fastest. Vodafone ES is sitting at 26mbps, followed by Orange and Movistar at 16 and 14 respectively and Yoigo bringing up the rear at 11mbps. Unsurprisingly, Sprint, Cricket and Saudi Arabia's networks are bringing up the rear at 3-4mbps.

If you want to take a look at the full report - which I strongly urge you do so, there's a ton of great info there - check out the source link below. There's a few surprises here, like how low the US ranks in comparison to other countries. Makes you think that Masayoshi Son was right in saying that the US does have some of the slowest internet and pays the most for it.

This is great for T-Mobile though, as now they have another source that tells people that yes, T-Mobile does have the fastest LTE network. While they may not have signal everywhere, where they do have coverage, it's pretty damn fast. And to see Sprint pretty much tied for second slowest in the world, that's kinda sad to see. Hopefully Masayoshi and his team can turn that around, and help bring the US faster internet speeds. I know I wouldn't mind.

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