OnePlus Unveils the #OneGameChanger, the DR-1 Mini-Drone

OnePlus has been known to hype products to the moon, back down, and back up to the moon, hoping that their supporters and customers will remain faithful, seeing the product to completion, sale, and ownership.  Such is the story of their One smartphone, originally announced in fall of 2013, their external battery pack, and now their latest game changer.  And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke by the Shenzhen-based manufacturer.  Meet the AR-1 Drone.

Yes, all the hype of a cloth-covered object with the hashtag #OneGameChanger underneath, teasing our imaginations for the past week or so.  And why, specifically why now, would OnePlus launch a little drone?  That will be up to your imagination for the moment, though that'll probably come in the next day or so.  regardless of why, it's a nice change in product offerings from a very phone-centric company.

The DR-1 Drone is a little red quadrocopter, that's four rotors or blades, depending on which you prefer to call them.  Two are white and two are red, in true OnePlus designing fashion.  and, at the center of the four blades, on the main fuselage, is a white OnePlus logo, letting you know you're flying Air OP, if you will.  Sadly, the drone uses its own controller, not your smartphone, so you can't fly it through your OnePlus One.

The little drone is 70 millimeters square and just under 30 millimeters tall.  for the non-metric folk of the United States, that's about 2.75 inches square and just over 1 inch tall.  So, if you're looking for a laugh, definitely go check out the product launch and announcement page to see how prestigious this little drone is in the lineage of flight that stretches around the world.  The little guy is only $20 USD, and there's limited quantity (and if you expected, you obviously don't know OnePlus very well yet), so if you're in the market to get a fun little drone to play with, want to support the cause of OnePlus as a company, or to just have another piece of OnePlus-branded stuff, go pick one up.

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