OnePlus Reported To Be Releasing A ‘New Product’ Next Month

March 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

OnePlus are not without their share of headlines. The Chinese startup who brought their flagship killer device, the OnePlus One to the market last year, are constantly making the news for various reasons. More recently, the news has been speculating on what is to come from the company in 2015. It is somewhat understood that they are indeed working on a sequel to their OnePlus One, which goes by the tag ‘OnePlus 2’. However, details about the device are limited at best. In fact, it was only this morning, the latest OnePlus 2 rumblings were heard with suggestions that the device might be coming with a metal frame of some sort. It was not clear as to what the frame would be or whether this would be more of a metal casing, but either way that was the latest news.

That said, over the past couple of months there has also been wide speculation that OnePlus might be working on a smartwatch. In fact, speculation has generally been rife in the respect of what OnePlus would venture into next. Well, in spite of OnePlus not making an ‘official’ appearance at this year’s MWC event in Barcelona, it does seem some of the team were there checking out what is on offer. In particular, Global Director of OnePlus, Carl Pei was in Barcelona for the event and in a brief exchange with GSM Arena (source link below) revealed an interesting (albeit teasing) snippet of information.

It seems OnePlus are launching a new product line next month. Now, no details at all were provided to suggest what the product might be. That said, Pei did let it be known that it will not be a OnePlus smartwatch and it will not be a OnePlus tablet. The lack of details is unfortunate as this will surely fuel more speculation of what is to come. Many companies recently have been announcing fitness trackers and as such, this would be the logical assumption of what OnePlus might be announcing next. Although, it also could be nothing to do with wearables at all. Either way, the news seems to be that OnePlus will be releasing ‘something’ next month. What do you think they will launch? Let us know your best guess?