OnePlus Oxygen Weather App Available To Download Although Currently Not Fully Functional Outside Of China

March 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

This weekend was scheduled to be a big weekend for owners of the OnePlus One. This was because OnePlus had stated that they would be releasing two highly awaited OSes for the OnePlus One. The first was their homegrown OxygenOS and the second was the update to the Cyanogen based OS, in the form of CM 12S. Both OSes are based on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and were the One’s first chance to see a stable and device specific official update to Lollipop. OxygenOS was due to roll out on March 27th (Friday) and CM 12S was scheduled for today (March 30th).

However, the eve before Oxygen’s scheduled release, OnePlus hinted that due to certification issues with Google, the OS was unlikely to be released on Friday as planned. This was then confirmed by the company on Friday with no firm date provided on when OxygenOS would actually be available. Likewise, with Monday here, it is again unlikely that CM 12S will also be now released today and as such, OnePlus One’s are still left waiting for their first official taste of Lollipop.

Well, if you do own a One and want to see what type of content you might be in line for, then it seems OnePlus have made publicly available the Oxygen Weather app. An image of the Oxygen Weather app was leaked a couple of weeks ago, which seemed to show what the native weather app will be like on OxygenOS. However, in spite of the name similarity, it does seem that this is the weather app for HydrogenOS (the domestic version of OxygenOS). How similar this will be to the final OxygenOS version remains to be seen, although, it is likely to be pretty similar. As such, if you want to download the APK and give it a try, then you now can by clicking the source link below. It is worth pointing out though, that the app only seems to currently work with China. As a result, it will not provide any details on your current location (unless you are in China). That said, you can at least get to see how the interface will look and respond. Click the source link below to head over and grab the download.