OnePlus One Running Sailfish OS Spotted With Instructions To Come Soon

March 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

The One Plus One is effectively known as a ‘rooter’s phone’. Since the beginning of the OnePlus One’s lifespan, part of the ethos OnePlus have put forward is the notion of ‘Never Settle’. The OnePlus One was one of the first devices to come out of the box running Cyanogen OS, which is also in itself designed to offer users an alternative version of android. To add to this, OnePlus generally are quite supportive to their users in installing different ROMs and customizing the device. If you don’t like Cyanogen OS, then OnePlus active state that rooting your device and changing the operating system will not void the warranty. Not to mention, the OnePlus website even offer links to other ROMs to try, instructions on how to flash them and ideas to further customize the experience.

Well, it looks like the OnePlus one has now undergone its biggest customization so far to date. An image has popped up on Twitter which shows the One running on Sailfish OS. For some people, this might not sound like such a big deal, but for those who like Linux, this will be. Sailfish is built on the Linux kernel and as such sees the One joining a very select group of phones which have successfully being ported over to Sailfish OS. Which is the operating system running on the Jolla smartphone and tablet. The tweet of the newly Sailfish OS running One actually came from Martin Brook of Jolla himself.

If you are interested in trying to get Sailfish OS running on your One then you should know it will not be an easy task and certainly not like simply flashing Paranoid Android or Omni. To convert over to Sailfish OS you will need to use the Sailfish OS hardware Adaptation Kit. Not to mention, there will be some more advanced instructions needed to get the system running properly. That said, Martin Brook did note that once he returns from MWC he will share more details on how to convert your operating system over. So, would you like Sailfish OS running on your One? Will you be porting over? Let us know.

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