OnePlus Latest Product, DR-1 Reconfirmed By OnePlus To Be Arriving "Next Month"


Since MWC, OnePlus have been teasing that they are planning to release a new device in the coming weeks. This came from a brief and fleeting comment made by Carl Pei at the March tech show. Immediately, this sent speculation running wild with people trying to guess what the device might actually be. Following on from this, a couple of weeks ago, OnePlus released a number of teaser images which seemed to suggest that the new device might be of a gaming nature. This was due to the images seeming to emulate gaming positions as well as a hashtag accompanying the images in the form of #OneGameChanger.

Since then, OnePlus last week held an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) thread on reddit. One of the big headlines of the event was the confirmation from the OnePlus team that they were indeed going to miss their rollout dates for their Android 5.0 (Lollipop) based OS, OxygenOS. However, in addition to the delay admission, OnePlus also suggested that the new product would be a drone device and going by the model number DR-1. At the time, it was unclear of whether this was the actual official announcing of the device or simply a distraction technique employed by OnePlus to detract away from the news that OxygenOS was running late.


However, the latest is OnePlus have today sent out a tweet stating that the DR-1 is coming to their online store from next month. In fact, the tweet read "Feeling adventurous? The DR-1 is flying to our store next month". Which does again further seem to suggest a confirmation that this will be a drone like device. The news that it is landing (presumably in April), will not come as significant news to those who have been following the 'new-product' updates, as OnePlus originally confirmed that it would be April when the device would launched. However, unlike the OxygenOS, today's news does at least suggest the schedule for the DR-1 is still on track. In spite of this, there were no actual details on the unit provided and instead the tweet came with a brief Vine which again did not give too much away. Either way, with April literally arriving, it hopefully will not be too long before more concrete details start to emerge.

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