OnePlus 2 Rumored To Come With A “Metal Frame” For A More Premium Feel

March 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While MWC is deep underway and a lot of the big companies have announced what they are (and in some cases are not) bringing to the market this year, there was one company who many android users probably felt should have been making an appearance. OnePlus. By the time last year’s event came around, OnePlus were pretty much unheard of. Their flagship device had yet to launch, invites had yet to be sent out and they were very much only at the rumor stage in terms of what they were doing. That said, a year on and OnePlus are one of the most talked about manufacturers. Not to mention, with their sequel (which is largely now assumed to be called the ‘OnePlus 2’) expected to launch soon, one might have hoped they would be in attendance at the mobile show in Barcelona.

That said, there is some news making the rounds about the next OnePlus flagship device. We have already heard some rumors and speculation about what to expect. For instance, it is thought the newest OnePlus device will come powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Not to mention, it is almost taken for granted now, that it will not come with Cyanogen OS installed. There is also a belief that the OnePlus 2 will be slightly smaller than the OnePlus One in terms of screen size. In spite of the screen shrinking, it is largely expected that the device will not come in at the same $300 and $350 price tags that the OnePlus One launched with and instead will cost more.

Well, the latest on the OnePlus 2 front, is that the device might come with a metal frame. It is unclear as to whether this refers to a metal frame like that on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or whether the back will adopt much more of metal disposition. OnePlus are known to be a company who like to experiment with their back covers and as such, the idea of a full metal back cannot be completely ruled out. The information comes from a ‘source close to the matter’ (source link below), who suggests the metal inclusion will be an example of how the next-gen OnePlus device will have an increased premium quality about it. What do you think? Will OnePlus opt for a more metal-based device this time around? Should they? Let us now