NTT DoCoMo Launches LTE-Advanced Network, with Speeds up to 225mbps

NTT DoCoMo Logo AH3

Here in the US, we have LTE, which can theoretically get up to 100mbps. And in most cases you are lucky to get about 10mbps. That’s due to the number of devices connecting to the networks here. And according to Sprint’s chairman, Masayoshi Son, we actually have some of the slowest internet in the world, and we pay the most for it. Pretty insane right? Over in Japan, NTT DoCoMo has just launched their LTE-Advanced network, which can give you theoretical speeds of up 225mbps. That’s some pretty decent speed over there in Japan, and I bet it’s cheaper than what we get in the US.

NTT DoCoMo likes to announce new services, by talking about food. The company shows you how their network is fast enough to cook your food. Which you can see in the video below. This isn’t the first time NTT DoCoMo has done this either. Last year, the company had decided to make a play on a famous Japanese TV show that’s devoted to fast and easy cooking recipes, and comparing it to the speed of their expanded LTE Coverage. This time around, NTT DoCoMo is cooking gyoza.

So a 225mbps network, I wonder what the real life speeds of that network would be? It’s gotta still be faster than what we have in the US. For those wondering about LTE-A, it’s the next step after LTE, and actually AT&T has stated that they are working on LTE-A, and it should be rolling out soon. The biggest issue is that most of the current smartphones on the market do not support LTE-A. We have seen a few from Samsung that support LTE-A over in Asia, especially in South Korea. Like the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset inside.

Check out the video below from NTT DoCoMo, it’s rather interesting to see how they spread word about their new network. And it has made me hungry, I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. How many of you would love for the US carrier and other carriers around the world to implement LTE-Advanced? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.