Nova Launcher gets a New Beta Release, And Brings Material Design

Nova Launcher Material Design AH 1

Since Google announced Android L back at Google I/O last year and announced Material Design along with it, many of us have been very excited about the new design and interface that Matias Duarte introduced us to. We’ve waited and waited for a lot of our favorite apps to embrace Material Design. While a few have, many others are still waiting. Today, Nova Launcher announced that they were pushing out a new beta and it has Material Design. It’s “Materinova” and it’s public beta #1.

According to one of the developers of Nova Launcher, +Kevin Barry, Nova launcher is completely material. All the settings screens, and dialog boxes are now material style. They’ve added some more animations. Google search and the search bar shows as an overlay now. Also the edit shortcut dialog, and quick menu, tinted based on the colors of the icon. There’s also a new icon and new Nova Action icons.

It appears to be a pretty big update for Nova Launcher. If you are a part of the beta, then you should be seeing this update pretty shortly. And if you aren’t, then well what are you waiting for? Go and join the Google+ Community so you can check out all the Nova Launcher beta’s that get pushed out. First you’ll want to join the Google+ community. Next you’ll want to opt in to the beta, which is linked in the description of the community. But you can also find it here. It may take a little while, but Google Play should be able to figure out if you are a beta member within 10 minutes or so. And you’ll likely see an update available for Nova Launcher. it’s just that easy.

So there’s material for Nova Launcher. How many of you are in their beta group? How many of you have already gotten your hands on the update? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.