Niantic's Endgame: Proving Ground Pushes Forward with Alternate Reality Beta


Niantic Labs is a development team found within the walls of the Googleplex that specializes in alternate reality apps and games.  Probably known best for the incredibly popular alternate reality mobile game Ingress, which is played by millions of players across the world on both iOS and Android devices.  Ingress was recently updated with full Android Wear support, showing just how dedicated Niantic is to its users and keeping them engrossed in the world of Ingress.  Niantic is also known for their app Field Trip which keeps users informed of interesting sites to see along the way, along with historical facts about the area they're in.

Last year we heard about Niantic launching a new game though, one that's going to be tied in to James Frey's Endgame novels.  Endgame is a series of novels, movies and of course Niantic's own game of the same title, and is being worked on for release later this year.  Niantic isn't content with making users wait though, they're working on a new kind of beta that started today and is inviting users to participate in a different way than they're used to.  Utilizing the website and a series of other technologies like Google Hangouts, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus and more, users will meet up with eachother virtually, solve puzzles and figure out the world of Endgame together.


Endgame covers the 12 Ancient Lines of humanity's founding, stretching across the globe via an interactive story utilizing technology to take place in real life locations.  Players will create a virtual avatar and compete in player versus player battles at special key sites throughout the world.  Check out the Ancient Societies link below to get started and make sure to read this document which details a few basics behind what you're going to do in Endgame.  There's a lot of lore and back story in addition to what can be explored in the world, so you may have to devote a good chunk of time to really get into the game at first.  Endgame promises to be just as full of potential as Ingress, and maybe even a little bit more given just how wide the world spans between the books, movies and this game.

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