New Video Highlights The Not Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Might Last Longer Than Expected Under Water


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and partner device, the Galaxy S6 Edge both arrived to a rather warm welcome. In spite of initial reservations prior to launch, the overall specs of the devices coupled with what seems to be a very premium look and feel to the two devices seemed to be a winner. With the combination seeming to be one which considered well-done by critics and the public alike. Hence, it was less of a surprise when follow-up reports started to emerge suggesting both devices were already seeing rather large pre-orders and a high demand.

However, one of the features which did seem to have been sacrificed in lieu of such a premium feel, was the lack of being waterproof. Although, it is debatable how waterproof one would want a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to be or how likely you were to bring either of these high-priced devices near water, the fact that it was not waterproof does represent one of the features which has not been passed over from the devices predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Well, if you were wondering how waterproof the Galaxy S6 (or the S6 Edge) might be, then a new video has popped up which does provide some insight. TechSmartt decided to test the waterproof nature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the results are rather surprising. Without wanting to give too much of the video away, the S6 Edge does seem to last much longer submerged in water than might be expected from a device which is very clearly noted as not waterproof. Eventually and as to be expected, the device does succumb to the elements. However, the video does at least suggest that if you have ordered or intend to order the Galaxy S6 Edge, you might not have to worry about the odd spill or drop in the bath, as much as you might have initially thought. You can check out the video for yourself below. If you want to see another new device being put through its own torture tests, then a new trio of videos popped up on Saturday showing the LG G Flex 2 being put through various stresses.

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