New To-Do List App ‘Swipes – Plan Tasks’ Lands On The Play Store To Help You Achieve Your Goals

March 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Android devices can do a number of clever things. This is largely due to their inclusion of apps. For instance, they can help you figure out where you are and where you are going with the likes of Google Maps and Nokia HERE. They can help you keep up to date with all your social media going-ons, with the likes of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. They can even help you pay for goods with the likes of Google Wallet. Not forgetting, they have generally replaced people’s organisers and diaries, thanks to the inclusion of calendar apps and To-Do list apps.

If the last of these options, Calendar and To-Do list apps is the type of content you are more often looking for with your android device, then you might like to know a new app dubbed ‘Swipes – Plan Tasks’ has made its way onto the Play Store. This is a daily scheduler app which according to the app listing “is the task list for high achievers“. With that in mind, the app is designed to help consolidate your daily tasks in a much more manageable, informative and goal-orientated manner. Once again, according to the developers, Swipes “is crafted to empower people to Focus, Take Action and Achieve their Goals“.

Features on offer include the ability to schedule your appointments, snooze tasks for a later time, set priorities for some tasks and also check back over the history of your tasks completed and achieved. Not to mention the app comes with a heavy dose of Material Design and what seems to be a clear emphasis on Evernote integration. Unfortunately, for those who are highly dependent on Google services, the app, as of yet, does not offer Google sign-in or any major Google app integration. That said, it is being reported to be in the works and should be included in a future update to the app. In the meantime though, if you want to give Swipes – Plan Takes a try, then you can download the app now for free from the Play Store by clicking the source link below.