New LG 5.8-Inch Phablet for Sprint Appears in the FCC Database


The FCC's database is rife with all kinds of devices that never see the light of day on a retail shelf, and of course ones that haven't quite made it there yet.  Since a product with wireless communication built in has to be certified by the FCC first before it gets sold on a shelf, searching through the FCC's database can be a rewarding task indeed if you look long enough.  Phone Arena was able to stumble upon something not talked about before and certainly not announced by either Sprint or LG.  It's seemingly a brand new 5.8-inch phablet from LG made specifically for the US carrier, and it features a couple of interesting traits that make it unique among the world of LG phones.

Carrying the model number LG-LS770 this fits in with model numbers from LG's more budget-friendly lineup in the US like the Optimus F3, LG Volt on Boost Mobile, etc.  While we can't guarantee that it will fit in with the budget-friendly phone family that it seems to fit in we can be sure of a few things thanks to this FCC listing.  First off the FCC ID label is shown on the rear of the device behind the battery, meaning that this phone features a removable back and a removable battery so the consumer can see the FCC ID if they so desire.  The battery size listed is roughly 3,000mAh, which is pretty average for a phablet sized device.  Next we take a look at the size of the device, which features a 147mm screen (5.7874 inches), is 79.3mm wide and 154.1mm tall.  That's approximately the size of the Galaxy Note 4 for reference.


The FCC documents suggest that a smart cover is being made for the phone, meaning LG's full-featured skin is likely to be packed into this device.  We're also seeing notes for a stylus included, leading us to believe this may be some alternate form of the LG G3 Stylus that came as a budget device to Europe.  What's not here are the back buttons that LG has made popular since the release of the G2, which is a little curious to say the least.  LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26 and 41 are all supported here, showing full compatibility with Sprint's LTE network.  There's no telling when this device will be officially announced or released, but Sprint is going to have LG's G Flex 2 available in the very near future if you'd rather have a high-end smartphone for 2015.

LGMS395 FCC ID Label Form

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