New Leaked Images Of OxygenOS For The OnePlus One Surface

March 23, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you own a OnePlus One, then it will be a busy week for you. This morning, it was reported that an alpha version of Sailfish OS was available to download and install. However, the bigger OS news for this week will certainly be the release of the OnePlus homegrown OS, OxygenOS. Not to mention, next Monday is supposed to see the release of CM 12S for the One too. In terms of Oxygen, this is due to be released on Friday (march 27th) and will be a sideload only update. Meaning there will not be an OTA for this one and you will need to download and install on your device manually.

Well, if you are eager to get your hands on OxygenOS and see what OnePlus can bring to the OS market, then you might have been interested by the report a few days ago, which offered a teaser of OxygenOS in the form of a leaked image. The image came from known tipster @leaksfly and today, @leaksfly seems to be at it again with more leaked images of what is stated to be OxygenOS running on a OnePlus One. Now, unlike the Oxygen Weather image that was leaked, these ones do not give too much away of what to expect. Instead, the current leaked images seem to be more of the booting up of OxygenOS for the first time. As such, they include an image of the boot animation, an image of the ‘Android is Upgrading’ screen and one of the “Welcome’ screen.

Although the images do not highlight too much, in terms of what to expect from OxygenOS. One aspect that is worth noting is the presumed boot animation image. Those that have tested a version of Paranoid Android in the past, might think the boot animation image looks a little familiar. That is because the image does seem to resemble the Paranoid Android boot animation. Of course, this would make some sense as Paranoid Android developers were brought in to help build OxygenOS. However, whether One users will expect (or want) such a massive influence from Paranoid Android, remains to be seen. Either way, with March 27th fast approaching, the wait to see what OxygenOS will finally bring is coming to an end.