New HTC Premium Headsets Rumored To Be En Route And Leaked In Images

March 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you are an HTC fan then the last few months have been somewhat interesting. Pretty much since CES ended in January, the rumor mill and speculation wagon have gone into overdrive with a serious amount of rumors and leaks emerging as to what their latest flagship One device would look like, be like and contain. That said, even once MWC rolled around the HTC One M9 actually saw a release, the rumor mill was not any less quiet. Almost as soon as MWC packed up and left the building, HTC rumors began circulating about the no-show HTC One M9. Not to mention, even more recently there has been a ton of rumors regarding the HTC One E9.

Well, if you have yet to get your HTC fix of rumors satisfied after all of these leaks and suggestions then it seems there is another one lurking in the news today to help. The latest is not a phone rumor or speculation but instead revolves around a new pair of earphones which looks set to be released by HTC. These go by the tag ‘HTC Pro Headsets” and are apparently on the way.

Of course, no firm details were provided in this latest leak which comes by the way of known tipster @upleaks (source link below). Instead, the only firm details is that the headphones look set to be available in both a black and white version. If your immediate thought process is that these are the headphones which will come with the One M9 when it is available then it seems that is not the case. On his Twitter feed (where the images went live), @upleaks was asked this very question and replied with a definitive ‘no’, they are not the headphones coming with the One M9. Other than that and from the images, you can see that they are in-ear headphones. Not to mention that they seem to have a microphone on their flat cable. The rest, including their price remains an unknown for now. In the meantime though, check out the images and let us know what you think.