New App, Appeer Looks to make it easier to find new apps on the Google Play Store

March 6, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

When Apple used to say “there’s an app for that” they weren’t kidding. There is literally an app for everything these days. And with nearly a million apps on the Google Play Store (if not over a million), it makes things a bit tougher to find a new app for you. And it doesn’t help that Google Play’s search engine is pretty pathetic, which is ironic seeing as it’s powered by Google. There’s a new app out there going by the name of Appeer, which looks to help you out in finding new apps to check out from Google Play.

Appeeer is from Austin, Texas, and is a new start up. The app has a pretty nice design, actually. Not quite material design, but pretty close. Appeer will help you find games and apps that you want. They also combine what they know about you with what they know about people similar to you to send automated organic recommendations to you. Appeer uses a timeline to show you recommendations. If you select an app, it’ll show you who this app has been recommended to. You can also follow people and be followed. You can browse their timeline as well to see what they’ve had recommended to them. Which is a pretty neat feature, I think.

The company is also being very upfront about the fact that they don’t do paid app recommendations. So you won’t see ads for specific apps, at least not yet. But that begs the question, how is Appeer planning to make money? Well your guess is as good as ours. I’m sure they’ll find a way at some point. Right now they are focused on giving users organic app recommendations, instead of ones that have paid to be recommended to you. Which is a great thing.

Appeer is available on the Google Play Store right now, and you should probably check it out, if you’ve been looking for some new apps to check out.