Motorola's Rick Osterloh Talks Lenovo, Smartwatches And The Future


Motorola have attracted a good deal of attention in recent times and not without reason. They are producing decent spec devices at affordable prices and not to mention rather stylish ones too. As such, consumers are interested in what the company is planning to do going forward and especially since they have now been picked up and purchased by the Chinese, Lenovo. Yesterday it was reported Motorola President, Rick Osterloh, was setting forward some of their vision in a recent interview. Following on from this, Osterloh was again in talking mode today at an MWC event in Barcelona.

In terms of Lenovo, Osterloh was quick to note that being bought up by the Chinese company is unlikely to change anything. Either operationally or from the consumers perspective. In fact, Osterloh noted that it won't be much different from when they were owned by Google "Motorola is organized as a mobile business group within Lenovo. We're a fully intact business much like we were with Google". In fact, Osterloh even hinted that being part of Lenovo will actually be more beneficial thanks to their chain supply "Strategically, we're organized this way to maximize flexibility, and we're sharing our supply chain function, which is a source of huge leverage". In terms of updating, Osterloh also noted, being owned by Lenovo will have no impact on future updates "Motorola technically issues the upgrades directly and not through Google. So, software updates won't change".


In terms of the Moto 360 and its future, Osterloh hinted that the Moto 360 will not be too focused on offering advanced technology in smart watches. In particular, LTE as a standalone feature certainly won't be on the horizon "At the moment, adding that kind of tech makes it so that the watch becomes uninteresting again. It starts to approach smartphone territory". Instead, Motorola will continue to focus on the style and design of smart watches more than their function. As a further extension of this point, Osterloh also suggests that Moto Maker will play an important role in terms of the future of the Moto 360, its ability to be customised and watch faces "We think there's no area where Moto Maker is more interesting than on wearables". You can read some more highlights of the interview by clicking the source link below.

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