Motorola Sends Out Soak Test of Android 5.1 for the Weekend with Fixes and Features Galore

Android Lollipop came out last fall, and since then we've seen new hardware to showcase the best that it can do and be, as well as software revisions to fix issues across the various new and old devices caused by various updates, including the 5.0 update in November of last year.  Just about a week ago, Android 5.1 started showing up on people's proverbial doorsteps, helping fix various long-standing issues for Nexuses everywhere, while most devices still don't have Android 5.0, Motorola has a history of keeping its devices up to date, just like Nexuses.  The Moto E Second Generation shipped with a low price, new features, and better specifications, as well as Android Lollipop, version 5.0, but the focus this weekend falls on the second generation Moto X Pure Edition, the one that you'd buy directly from Motorola.  That lucky device is getting a soak test this weekend, and the software to expect is none other than Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Yes, the Motorola Moto family of devices have never been extensively 'out-of-date' with software updates, but nobody ever objected to a new version of Android that holds great new features like HD Voice capability did they?  Hopefully not.  And, if you're one of the lucky ones to get the invite to install the latest Android update, then, if you haven't heard about what's new in 5.1, here's what to expect.

Once you're updated and booted into Android 5.1 Lollipop, you'll get to benefit from the newly restyled Quick Toggles, including an out-of-Settings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth menu, allowing you to switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices and network without having to enter the settings menu, or even leave your notification area.  You'll also get to play with the newly-handled heads-up notifications.  If you don't want to sit and wait for a notification to slide away into your notification tray, you can now swipe up on it and send it to the notification area straight away, no waiting necessary.  You can also, if you've accidentally enabled the 'invert colors' and 'hotspot' toggles, long-press and hide them until you next activate them from the Settings

Specific to Motorola's update, however, you'll get some camera improves which will help reduce visual noise when aiming in low lighting, as well as responsiveness increases in the viewfinder when using the front-facing camera to snap a selfie.  You'll also see an improvement in Ambient Display, where you'll have to swipe a little bit further to aid in reducing accidental interactions.  There are also bug fixes galore, so go check out the source for the full changelog and some extra info about the soak test software if you want the full detail.  Have you been running Android 5.1 on any of your devices yet?  What do you think of it and its new features and improvements?  Do you think this update will hold out longer with fewer major bugs than the original Lollipop update, or is it doomed as well?  Do you have  a Moto X Second Generation Pure Edition and are waiting to get this update?  Let us know down below.

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