Motorola President Hints to Possible August or September Release for the Moto X (2015)


In a Twitter post by Motorola President Rick Osterloh, the company announced that they are planning to keep an annual cycle for all Motorola products, which includes the Moto X. This could be a hint to a possible timeframe for the release of the Motorola flagship device at sometime around August or September of this year. While he did not give a specific date for the possible release, we can use the timeframe from the previous Moto X releases to give us the timeframe of sometime in August or September. The current Moto X was released in September of 2014, and the one before that was released in August of 2013.

We can assume that based on a report that we brought to you last month, that the Moto X might possibly sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Motorola. We also got a rumor from leaker Ricciolo last month to expect "flagship smarter than any others "smartphones" as to what the means is anyone's guess, but it could hint at something big in store for the next Motorola release. We can also probably assume that this device will come with the typical Moto X fare. It will more than likely have a near stock Android experience that is running on the latest Android release as well as the ability to customize the colors of the device using Motorola's famed Moto Maker.


At this point, none of this is completely official. While this Tweet certainly holds a lot of weight being that it comes from the president of Motorola directly, a lot can happen between now and August or September. As time gets closer to that projected timeframe, we will probably begin to know more about the popular flagship. It will be interesting to see if it will be as smart as the rumors claim and what exactly it is that makes it smarter than other phones. In any case, we will keep you abreast of the latest developments from this device as we hear them. If you have been waiting for Motorola to release this device, this should give you hope that it will come to fruition soon. Until then we will just have to wait and see what the gang from Motorola has for us.

Rick Osterloh on Twitter

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