Motorola DROID Turbo Reported To Have Reached Root Status

March 13, 2015 - Written By John Anon

One of the benefits of having a rooted device is that you can pretty much change up anything you want. Don’t like your ROM or skin? No problem, change it for something else. Don’t like how your icons, settings and so on are displayed? No problem, change them. Want much better access to your device and better backing up features? No problem, install them. In fact, rooting your device literally opens up your device to do pretty much whatever you want to it. The only problem with rooting is that it is not always available to everyone or every device.

In fact, new devices can sometimes take a long while before they become ‘rootable’. Until somebody does manage to break through their system, other users of the same device remain unable to take fully advantage of being rooted. This was the case for the Motorola DROID Turbo. However, that does not seem to have changed. Posts and videos popping up on XDA (source link below) and YouTube (see video below) are showing the DROID Turbo has finally reached a rooted status. That said, this does not mean that if you own a DROID Turbo that you can now root it. The current status is that it has finally been broken through by someone. The rooting powers-that-be will still have to make the root more accessible for all users before this can happen and this can take awhile.

Until then though, if you are a DROID Turbo owner then you may want to keep an eye on the XDA thread below. There is never really any firm time-frames with these things and they can happen quickly as often as they can take forever. If you have yet to pick up a DROID Turbo but are thinking about it (and especially now that root looks to be closer), it was reported yesterday that Verizon now offer the Blue Sapphire Ballistic Nylon variant. In the meantime though, check out the video below, which is one of the sources being used to prove that the DROID Turbo can be rooted. Will root availability make you more likely to buy a DROID Turbo? Let us know.