MetroPCS Intro's new $30 PrePaid Plan, Undercuts Everyone


Today, MetroPCS (and thus T-Mobile) have introduced a brand new plan that is going to be just $30 per month. The new plan includes unlimited talk and text, as well as 1GB of 4G LTE network, all on T-Mobile's network. The company says that anyone with a MetroPCS 3G/4G GSM smartphone can walk into a MetroPCS store today and get this new plan. They are offering this new plan starting today, March 24th. And as T-Mobile's CEO John Legere stated, all promotions will be permanent. So if you do switch to this $30 plan from MetroPCS, you should have it forever. Seeing as MetroPCS is T-Mobile now.

This is cheaper than everything you'll find at competitors like Cricket, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Cricket's cheapest plan is $40 for 2.5GB of data. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are doing 2.5GB for just $35/month. So you do get more data for a slightly higher price. But if you are only using a gigabyte of data per month, then might as well jump onto the 1GB $30 plan from MetroPCS. Why pay for more data that you don't use?


T-Mobile bought MetroPCS a few years ago, shortly after John Legere was named CEO. Since then, T-Mobile has been using MetroPCS as their "flagship prepaid brand". Even though they do offer their own prepaid plans and they are priced pretty competitively with MetroPCS. It's almost the same setup as AT&T. Who recently bought Cricket Wireless, and made it their own flagship prepaid brand, while still carrying AT&T GoPhone around. Although we'll likely see Cricket and MetroPCS swallowed up by their owners in the next few years. T-Mobile bought MetroPCS more for their spectrum and their 4G LTE network than their customers.

Remember that this plan from MetroPCS is an in-store exclusive. So you must head into your local MetroPCS store to get this plan. Which is a bit surprising, as most of these plans would be online-exclusive and not an in-store exclusive. You can check out more from the link in the source section down below. Definitely a competitive price plan here from T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

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