Meizu MX Supreme Purportedly Leaked, May Be Co-Developed by Nokia


Fans of Finland-based Nokia have been waiting a long time for the once-great technology giant to make its great return.  The investment and subsequent purchase that Microsoft made of Nokia's hardware division wasn't exactly the move that many had wanted, and years later that partnership has gone on to make a few flagship devices on a platform that's considered essentially dead by many.  Without any sort of official Nokia hardware running a non-Windows based operating system, where does this leave its fans?  Thankfully it seems like Nokia is resurfacing in new and interesting ways, including a tablet that recently launched in China with killer hardware specs and an even killer price.

Now it looks like more rumors are surfacing about the possible Nokia-Meizu partnership we heard about a few days ago.  A single leaked image of the new Meizu phone, which is thought to be a retooled Nokia Lumia 1030, surfaced on Chinese social networking site Weibo.  Weibo is famous for containing quite a few accurate leaks of devices simply because of its popularity in mainland China. We don't get a whole lot of information from the picture but what's nice here is that it's not the usual Mr. Blurrycam shot that often accompanies the first leaks of any device.  What we can see gives us a very clear picture of how Meizu is tweaking its current hardware designs rather than drastically redesigning it as Samsung or some other players have done with their latest phones.


The home button is a rounded off rectangle, closely resembling the home button from the Meizu MX4 Pro in size, but obviously not squared off.  The rest of the phone looks nearly identical to the Meizu MX4 Pro from what we can tell, from the size of the bezel around the screen to the design of the metallic edge and the small plastic antenna pieces at the bottom.  What's particularly interesting from the rumors surrounding this phone is that the Meizu MX Supreme, as it's supposedly called, will be using the latest 50MP Nokia PureView camera.  Nokia has been the undisputed leader in any kind of phone photography practically forever now, and it will be nothing but a treat to see this appear on an Android phone.  When we hear more about this latest partnership from Meizu we'll keep you in the loop!

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